• How come in the first picture, this old 100 year old wall is so shiny? Why doesn’t your wall, once stripped of its wallpaper look like this you might ask! Basically, I got lots of motor oil and rubbed it over the wall…. 😅 NO! I didn’t. This is merely a hallway wall that had been heavily prepared for plastering. You see, with ceilings and walls (especially old walls and ceilings), they have to be heavily uni-bonded. What’s uni-bonding? Uni-bonding is a combined solution of PVA glue and government water! 😅 #unlikethewallsurgeonwallsandceilingsdontdrinkbottledwater😅 Once mixed, the uni-bond is applied generously to area (s) prior to plastering. Ideally I like to give surfaces that have been treated with uni-bond 24 hours to absorb. For me, this allows to-be plastered surfaces, the best chance of adhesion, when plaster is applied. It also allows you a little bit more time to work with ( uni-bond helps prevent surfaces from drying out to quickly. As a result of surfaces drying to quickly, sometimes newly plastered areas can “craze” or crack. Especially in the winter when we like to keep our radiators piping hot!) Back to my point regarding old surfaces! The reason for old surfaces being heavily uni-bonded is because old walls and ceilings have extremely high suction- meaning the walls dry very quickly if the right preparation hasn’t taken place! Second picture shows the same hallway wall after two generous coats of thistle multi-finish. Drying time of this particular wall in case you are curious was approx 3 hours from application, to hard/dry trowel. There is so much to learn about the science and intricacies about plastering. There is a lot more to it than just “ getting it on the wall” as some would say. Il be explaining more and more as I post different pictures, as I continue to document my work- so stay tuned!! #thewallsurgeon • • • • • • #staytuned #moreupdates #professional #eliteplaster #plasteringtips #plasteringadvice #newstarttips #happytohelp #experience #goodspread #informative #learnnewthings #thewallsurgeon #keepup #watchthisspace #biggerandbetter #plasterersuk #essexplasterer #london #londonreno #reno #renovation
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