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A sisterhood of surfers in Hainan, China, paddle against the tides of tradition. 🏄‍♀️ Surfing inspires them to lead a simple and spirited life devoted to the sport they love. They’ve found a small slice of paradise on the South China Sea where they can Play New and empower others to do the same. What sport makes you feel free? Share below. 📸 @yuyang_liu_ captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
Knowing what to do is one thing, knowing why you do it is everything. Click link in bio to join us for guidance to reach your goals. What’s your why? Drop a comment below.👇
Meet Shove and her posse of roller skaters who are bringing pride, skills and body-posi vibes to Long Beach. Together they’ve built a radical wonderland of sport for all people and redefined what it means to be an athlete. Follow her skate journey @fat_girl_has_moxi 📸: @asdavidelliott and 🎥: @erynncpatrick
Our hearts are with our Asian community. We stand united with our partners to create a more inclusive future. For more information, click the link in bio. #StopAsianHate
Momtaz Yoga Center in Kabul uses yoga to practice self care. 🧘 Owner and instructor @fakhriamomtaz is dedicated to creating a place for women to work out together in Kabul, something that did not exist for her mother's generation. But it’s about more than just movement, it’s where Afghan women come to deepen friendships, nourish their bodies and Play New in a safe space of their own. Where do you go for sanctuary? Share below. 📸 @kianahayeri captured in accordance with local health guidelines.
“One of the greatest things a person can do is inspire others.” From a quiet winner to a vocal champion, the effects of @naomiosaka’s transformation can be felt far beyond the tennis court. Congrats on major title number 4 to the one raising more than her game.
This crew of radical roller skaters are finding their truest selves on 8 wheels and redefining what it means to be an athlete as they shred the streets of Long Beach. Learn how to get involved with the squad. Link in bio. 📸: @asdavidelliott and 🎥: @erynncpatrick
Black women are rarely recognized for the hard work they put in. It’s not just magic, they are the real thing. Join us in celebrating their hard work and help level the playing field. #WePlayReal 🎙:@domfishback
Come for the boxing, stay for the bonding 🥊 At this women-focused gym in Shanghai, boxers are knocking down stereotypes and helping each other find their inner strength in and out of the ring. By owning their own power, they are challenging society’s expectations, creating a more inclusive boxing culture in their city, and setting the stage for others like them to Play New. Who would you step into the ring for? Tag them below. 📸 @luoyangggg captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
To every mother, everywhere: you are the toughest athlete.
At first, they had to convince their families to let them play. 🏀 Now they shoot hoops on a court surrounded by cheering fans.👏 This Afghan basketball squad from Kabul refuses to let any obstacle stand in their way. Check them out as they inspire the next generation of wheelchair ballers around the world. Share this post with the top 5 ballers in your life. 📸 @eliseblchrd and captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
This fierce squad is reclaiming roller-skating for all bodies and genders. 🛼 For this tight-knit crew of skaters, rolling out is how they shed stress, get creative and build a body-posi, gender-inclusive family. When they’re not rexing, dipping and spinning on a rainbow-adorned backyard ramp, they’re online — spreading confidence, community, and know-how so that skaters around the world can Play New. Through video calls and social media, they’re helping a new generation of skaters take on the sport and make it their own. 💪 Learn how to get involved with the squad. Link in bio. 🎥: @erynncpatrick and 📸: @asdavidelliott Captured in accordance w/COVID guidelines.