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Rear is now complete thanks to the addition of an M-Performance Spoiler, M-Performance Diffuser and some BMS exhaust tips 🍑
The last photo before we see some changes 👀 📸 @crsxe
Fitment. This blue is like no other once the sun hits it 🤩
So happy with the fitment now 📐
Nothing worth having comes easy
So the M2 went 🔽. Thanks to the guys over at @motechperformanceuk for getting the car sat perfectly. 📸 @crsxe coming through with this banger
Anyone else notice the crazy kid balancing on the fence in the background 🤪
Zoom in for carbon fibre goodness 🤤
Thursday is the new Friday 🐣 📸 @crsxe
Happy Friday 🤪